Sunday, March 28, 2010

Silver Investing Guide - Bartering & Silver Coins

I came across a couple of articles that discuss how useful silver coins are in certain situations. The first mentioned the OPEC gas crisis in the ‘70s when silver was heading toward $50 per ounce and gas prices were exploding. Some gas-station operators were offering a gallon of gas for a pre-1965 dime. They were smart enough to know a ninety-percent silver dime was worth more than the posted price-per-gallon. At $50 per ounce, the silver content of one of these dimes was worth $3.58.

The second article discusses the role of silver coins in bartering situations. Whether it comes to this or not, the author points out that the public will learn quickly the difference between good money and bad money if/when bad times strike. You can read the article here...