Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Silver Investing - November Silver Eagles - 3,875,000 And Counting

November is proving to be a big production month for Silver American Eagles. At 3,875,000 it is the largest amount of any month so far in 2010 and the month isn't over yet. The year-to-date running total for Silver Eagles is a whopping 32,505,500. It's going to be a big year.

Prospector silver bullion coinBecause of their popularity, premiums are running in the area of 10-11% (and higher). If you are looking for silver that has a lower premium, you might want to look at silver rounds. These are one-ounce silver bullion coins offered by major refiners and private companies. I'm not a big fan of some of these but by staying with the large and reputable providers, you can safely get more silver for your hard-earned money and be able to cash out when you want.

The silver round you see pictured is the popular Silver Prospector made available by Engelhard, a major refiner highly regarded in the industry. Any silver product you can buy (at a reasonable price) with the Engelhard hallmark is an excellent buy. Be sure to shop around for the best price.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Silver Investing - Silver Down But Far From Out

Like gold, silver has been having some down days recently. Spot silver stands at $25.40, a 30 day change of plus $1.06 with a one year change of $6.98. Not exactly a time to panic since it still has nice gains.

I found value in a few recent articles related to silver. The first is by Jordan Roy-Byrne titled Downside Targets for Gold and Silver. The second gives lots of reasons for investing in silver. It is by Lorimer Wilson and worthy of your time Why You Should Have Silver in Your Portfolio - As Well As Gold

Silver Eagles so far in November stand at 2,715,000 one-ounce coins with a year-to-date total of 31,345,500 Silver Eagles. November and December tend to be high volume months for these coins so we can expect to see big numbers.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Silver Investing - Sparkling Silver

Silver has been having great gains in recent days. Spot silver currently stands at $26.76 gaining 15.39% ($3.57) in the last 30 days and 53.88% ($9.37) for the year. On October 28th, Jim Turk predicted silver would be at $30 per ounce in less than 18 days. It just might reach that. You can read his comments here

Here are the Silver American Eagle totals for October, 2010 from the U. S. Mint: 3,150,000 one-ounce silver coins produced for the month which brings the total for the year to 28,630,500 silver eagles. 255,000 have already been produced as of 11/5/2010.

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