Thursday, April 26, 2012

Silver Investing - The Other One-Ounce Silver Coins

When it comes to one-ounce silver coins, the American Silver Eagle and Silver Canadian Maple Leaf seem to take center stage. But there are several other one-ounce silver coins that are worth investing in if you come across them and the price is right.  Although not quite as popular as the above two, the coins I list below are well recognized and their liquidity tends to be very good.

Other one-ounce silver coins (not in any particular order) include the Silver Koala, Mexican Silver Libertad, Silver Kookaburra, Silver Panda, Silver Britannica and Silver Philharmonic (pictured below).

The Silver Philharmonic was first minted in 2008 by the Austrian Mint in Vienna. It closely matches its counterpart - the Gold Philharmonic first introduced in 1989. This .999 fine silver bullion coin features the image of the "Great Organ" found in the concert hall where the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra performs with the flip side featuring a variety of musical instruments.  You can't go wrong investing in this coin. 

Another silver item I want to mention is this Silver Krugerrand. When I first spotted this Krugerrand, I assumed it was produced by the South African Mint as a silver version of the famous Gold Krugerrand. Come to find out this is not a legal tender coin produced by the SA Mint (they do not produce a Silver Krugerrand) but is considered a silver round produced by a private mint. This silver round is commemorating the continuous production of the Gold Krugerrand from 1967 until 1983. I purchased it because it closely duplicates the gold version and is more appealing to me than many of the other silver rounds I see advertised. The Silver Krugerrand isn't that rare so you shouldn't be stuck with a high premium if you decide to purchase. I would think the liquidity would be good because of the familiar images on both sides.

If you were to have purchased either the Silver Philharmonic or the Silver Krugerrand one year ago, they would have cost you over $50 each as the spot price of silver peaked at just under $50 on 4/24/2011. Today you should be able to purchase each for somewhere in the low $30's (spot silver is at $30.66 at the time of this post). If the price of silver goes back up (as many predict it will), you will find yourself with a nice profit. 

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