Sunday, September 26, 2010

Silver Investing - Silver at 30 Year Highs

The price of silver is enjoying some nice gains and is very close to 30 year highs last seen in October of 1980. As I write this post, spot silver is at $21.44 per troy ounce. James Turk, an expert on precious metals and founder of GoldMoney, said in a recent interview that silver could reach $30 per ounce within the next few weeks. I would not be totally shocked if it did as silver prices can be very explosive - in either direction.

According to the latest U. S. Mint reports, the total Silver American Eagles produced in September (as the month winds down) stands at 1,220,000 with a year-to-date total at 24,820,500. I don't understand that low number so late in the month but maybe there will be an adjustment in early October as occurred with August's total in early September.

Happy investing.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Silver Investing - $20 Silver

In case you haven't noticed, silver has been bobbing above and below the magic $20 mark. As I write this post, silver is at a solid $20.56 per troy ounce. Can it dip below $20 again? Yup, but the trend is up and, according to many "experts", it is due to go much higher. I hope you are in.

With September half over, the U.S. Mint posted just 390,000 Silver American Eagles produced so far this month. I don't know what to make of this low number. Also in (early) September, they adjusted the August silver eagles produced from 1,906,000 to 2,451,000. Maybe their web master was on vacation so the correct numbers couldn't be posted in time. Year-to-date the silver eagle total stands at 23,990,500.

Happy investing.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Silver Investing - August Silver Eagle Total

The total number of Silver American Eagles produced in August, as posted on the U.S. Mint web site, comes in at 1,906,000. That is the lowest monthly total so far in 2010. February's total was the next lowest at 2,050,000. The Year-To-Date total of Silver Eagles stands at 23,055,500.

Regarding silver investments, more advisors are saying that silver is the precious metal with the most potential for significant profits. I have come across a few articles you may find of interest that are bullish on silver. The first is from Allen Sykora at Kitco News and you can read it here.

The second silver article, Silver is Set to Shine, is by Jeffrey Nichols and is posted on the Resource Investor web site. You will find it here.

Have you started with your silver investments yet?