Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Fabulous Four Silver Bullion Coins

'twas the month of December
and all through the land
precious metals were stirring
again starting to look grand

I see promising signs in the price of metals and this time it looks more encouraging. Traffic is up on my silver web sites plus I have a new one to tell you about... but more on that later.

I have included pictures of the fabulous four silver bullion coins, reportedly the best selling silver bullion coins in the world. They are:  the American silver eagle of which 42,675,000 were sold last year and that number has already been overtaken with just a few days of production left to go in 2014; the Canadian silver maple leaf of which 28,200,000 were sold last year with that number already have been overtaken for 2014; the Austrian silver Philharmonic  of which 14,536,400 were sold last year (current year estimates unknown) and the Chinese silver panda of which a reported 8,000,000 were sold last year with 2014 numbers unknown.

Yes there other government issued silver bullion coins and numerous silver rounds, some more popular (and more attractive ) than others. But these are the top dogs and if you can get your hands on any of them at reasonable premiums, you will be in good shape for the coming explosion in silver prices. 

Here are the totals for American Eagles thus far in 2014...

Platinum Eagles=16,900 one-ounce coins thus far
(don't look for more of these in 2014 or 2015 due to low demand)

Gold Eagles = 414,500 one-ounce coins
                        46,000 half-ounce coins
                      118,000 quarter-ounce coins
                      560,000 tenth-ounce coins
total ounces of Eagles gold = 523,000
2015 Gold Eagles will be available 1/5/2015

Silver Eagles = 43,051,000 one-ounce coins
top three months of production
   October = 5,790,000
   march = - 5,354,000
   January = 4,775,000
2015 Silver Eagles will be available 1/12/2015

and here is the total for the...

American Buffalo (thus far in 2014) = 175,500 one-ounce 24k gold coins
2015 Buffaloes will be available 1/5/2015

As mentioned above, I have a new silver web site dedicated to a very unique silver coin - the Maria Theresa Thaler. This silver coin has a rich history (several decades old) and, in terms of popularity and acceptability, is almost unmatched. You can read more about this thaler (or taler) at M.T. Thaler.

If you have the time, also stop by my other silver web sites at SilverInvestingSimplified and SilverGuide to see what's new.

Thanks for reading and keep the faith.